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  BYPAD - MORE QUALITY FOR BICYCLE TRAFFIC Newsletter No. 02, October 2006

Welcome on board!
  During a successful three-days course in Graz (20 - 22 September 2006), 15 new auditors were trained to become a certified BYPAD auditor. They are ready to guide the cities and regions to implement BYPAD in their country and to develop a BYPAD Action Plan.
The BYPAD network consists now of 34 auditors, spread all over Europe. Check the overview on the website to see who is your national contactpoint!
A warm welcome to our new auditors: Martin Reis (Energieinstitut Vorarlberg - Austria), Ursula Witzmann (FGM-AMOR - Austria), Christian Steger-Vonmetz (Austria), Grete Gysen (Universität Hasselt - Belgium), Jan Gheldof (France), Thijs Van Duijn & Martijn van de Leur (Mobycon – The Netherlands), Rein Lepik (Vänta Aga Cycling Club - Estonia), Thanos Vlastos (Universität Athen - Greece), Emma Navarro Mus (Cinesi - Spain), Levente Molnar (Pro Urbe - Hungary), Emmanuel Fankhauser (Citec - Switzerland), Birgitte Bagge & Morten Rettig (Cogita - Denmark), Sebastian Bührmann (Rupprecht-Consult - Germany)

Pictures online at BYPAD website

Attend the BYPAD international seminar
  An event not to miss is the upcoming Velo-city conference held next year in München (12 - 15 June 2007). Velo-city is thé place to exchange experiences on bicycle thematics and to meet new potential partners.
As part of this conference, BYPAD organises on 13th June 2007 an international seminar, open to a wide audience. Through testimonies of the different actors involved (auditor, politician, administration, user group) you will be informed on the BYPAD process and learn from the results and experiences so far.

Final programme and practicalities available soon on the BYPAD website.
More information on the conference:

National Cycling Conference in Czech Republic
(Velke Karlovice, 15 - 20 May 2007)
  This important future event in the field of cycling policy and implementation of cycling projects will also include an official ceremony to hand over the BYPAD certificate to the first Czech region, the Zlin region. The audit process is planned for November 2006.
The Zlin region is ranked among the best regions in support of the cycling transport and bicycle use in the Czech Republic.

  Contact: Radomira Pliskova (CDV)

City of Zurich as youngest BYPAD member
  The City of Zurich just finished its BYPAD process in September, guided by velo:consult. The agreed quality objectives focus on user needs (analysing potentials/ obstacles of cycle use, definition of target user groups), infrastructure (completion of the cycle route network, systematic reconstruction of intersections, cycle parking, intermodality, safety), communication, intensification and extension of cycle training and traffic instruction.
Zurich, with 367.000 inhabitants the biggest city of Switzerland, is internationally well-known for its successful promotion of sustainable transport modes: walking (43 %) and public transport (27%) reach European maximum values, while driving is very low (23%). In the integrated Mobility Strategy (2001), cycling policy is embedded as one of 18 partial strategies with the aim to increase cycle use by 2010 from 7.3% to 12% compared with 2000.

More information:
  Contact: Ursula Lehner-Lierz (velo:consult)

Canton of Basel-City allocates € 5.2 million for cycling for 2006-2010
  After having completed 88% of its local cycle route network, for which some €16 million were spent, the canton of Basel-City put its cycling policy to test by means of a BYPAD audit in late 2002, guided by velo:consult. Promoting cycle use by means of soft policies was one of the quality objectives. With major input from the outcome of the BYPAD process, a new cycling policy was developed which was finally decided by the cantonal parliament in early 2006. In June, some 1.600 officials of the cantonal administration took part in the country-wide bike to work campaign.

  Contact: Ursula Lehner-Lierz (velo:consult)

Participation at the New Member State Forum
(Budapest, 19 June 2006)
  In the frame of the ASTUTE project (Advancing Sustainable Transport in Urban areas To promote Energy efficiency), the New Member State Forum was held to discuss the issues surrounding increasing walking and cycling in new EU Member States. BYPAD was represented by our Czech auditor, Radomira Pliskova (CDV) and Estonian auditor, Rein Lepik (Vänta Aga).

More information:

(Freiburg, 10 July 2006)
  ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is an international association of local governments and national and regional local government organisations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. More than 475 cities, towns, counties, and their associations worldwide show ICLEI's growing membership. ICLEI is an important dissemination partner in the BYPAD project.
Partners from the BYPAD core consortium visited the European secretariat in Freiburg to intensify current and future cooperation, including cycling awards for cities, collection of useful tools to accelerate sustainability in local governments (in the frame of the ACTOR project) and mutual promotion at conferences and on websites. BYPAD also submitted a paper for the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign Conference (Sevilla, 21 - 24 March 2007). The aim here is to learn about recently developed tools, instruments and knowledge that can support your city or town in its efforts to accelerate sustainability.

More information:
On the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign Conference:
On the ACTOR project (Aalborg Commitments Tools and Resources):

  For more BYPAD activities, have a look at the website

Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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