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  BYPAD - MORE QUALITY FOR BICYCLE TRAFFIC Newsletter No. 01, February 2006

Introducing the BYPAD Platform project
  BYPAD stands for Bicycle Policy Audit. It is an instrument enabling municipalities to evaluate and improve the quality of their local cycling policy, based on the methods of total quality management.

After BYPAD (from 1999), and BYPAD+, the current project BYPAD-Platform will span the years 2006-2008. It is aimed at new target groups: regions (BYPAD-region) and small towns (BYPAD-local). BYPAD-Platform covers new countries in Southern and Eastern Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Estonia) as well as new cities and regions in existing BYPAD countries. So far 65 European cities in 15 countries are using BYPAD (download a pdf version of the city map here). Another aim of the BYPAD Platform is to spread the use of BYPAD through training of BYPAD auditors, organising regional workshops & international seminars and developing a good practice database.

The BYPAD Platform kick-off
  The BYPAD core consortium and 15 auditors from all over Europe came together in Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) on 9-10 February with representatives from European cities, the European Commission and the European Cycling Federation for the kick-off meeting of the project. It was a successful meeting with clear presentations, fruitful discussions and interesting networking opportunities! The Czech city hosting this event, Ceske Budejovice, was audited by CDV in the former BYPAD project. It provides an interesting example of the implementation of BYPAD in Eastern-European cities. During the kick-off meeting we had the chance to visit the city and some of the realised cycling measures. Priorities for the coming weeks and months are the development and simplification of the BYPAD tools (local, city and region) and communication material & activities (update folders, website, newsletter, …). BYPAD auditors will re-activate their search for interested cities and regions.

If you want to make your city a BYPAD city, contact your BYPAD auditor

Training for new BYPAD auditors
  BYPAD-auditors are consultants, staff members from universities or institutes who know the local, regional and national cycling context. As neutral process supervisors, they will guide the cities and regions to implement BYPAD and to develop a BYPAD Action Plan. So far the Platform counts BYPAD auditors in 21 countries.

The training - given by members of the core consortium and external experts - will cover topics such as history of BYPAD (needs and benefits), use of the BYPAD manual (background information, questionnaire, BYPAD Plan), use of the website, exchange best practices, how to moderate discussions, etc…
The aim of the training is to become a certified BYPAD auditor (licensed for 2,5 years). As such, the trained auditor receives the tools to do the audits (questionnaire, website, best practise examples and communication strategies), is up-to-date on the cycling policy in European cities and is part of the BYPAD Platform.
A first training session for new auditors is scheduled from 20 to 22 september 2006 in Graz (Austria). The participation fee is 600 euro.

More information:
Project co-ordinators:
  Evelyne Sauvage
  Jeroen Bastiaens
  Project partner responsible for training:
  Gudrun Uranitsch

BYPAD represented at Velo Mondial
  BYPAD will be (re)presented at the Velo Mondial conference (5-10 March, Cape Town-South Africa), one of the largest international bicycle planning conferences held every six years.
The European Cyclists' Federation - one the participating city networks in the BYPAD project - will promote BYPAD through distribution of dissemination material such as leaflets, city maps, etc…

More information:

Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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