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  BYPAD is a flexible tool and can be implemented in towns, cities & agglomerations and regions.

BYPAD has already been carried out by almost 200 cities, towns and regions in 24 countries.

More than 100 BYPAD auditors from different countries have been trained and certified in order to guide the towns, cities and regions to implement BYPAD. Check the website for the contact details of the national auditors.

After the implementation of the audit all cities and regions receive from their national auditor the official BYPAD certificate together with a bicycle action plan.

Examples of good practices can be found an the ELTIS website (

As a BYPAD member, you are able to view short presentations, materials and results provided by other BYPAD cities and regions in your own member’s area.

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BYPAD Cycling - The European approach   (1,925 kB)
Annex I literature search - Bicycle use and influencing factors   (293 kB)
Annex II - City-Portraits   (1,468 kB)

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Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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