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  Regions are the administrative level above the municipalities. Depending on the country we are speaking about provinces, regions, counties, … Normally there is an elected council who is running the region.
Regions do have own responsibilities in infrastructure planning, transport planning, education,… The list of responsibilities differs from region to region. BYPAD distinguishes two main types of tasks:

  • Type A: Executing direct cycling policy-measures: Realisation and promotion of a regional cycling network and of bicycle facilities on/along regional roads, for daily and/or recreational cycling.
  • Type B: Implementing an indirect policy of stimulating the cycling policy of municipalities and local organisations: Facilitating local actors with funds, arguments, tools and knowledge.

In a region there are more than the 3 partners (politicians, civil servants and user groups) involved in the BYPAD process. The ‘clients’ of a region are municipalities, public transport operators, cyclists, …


Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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