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  4 good reasons why BYPAD benefits your town, city or region:

Increase quality!
Even good things can be improved! BYPAD provides an in-depth analysis of the current status of your cycling policy. The method is simple: politicians, civil servants and user groups each fill in a detailed questionnaire which provides insight into different views on the state of development in various areas of the local cycling policy.
Controversial viewpoints are then discussed in a moderated process, guided by the neutral national auditor The goal is to come to a collective assessment of the questions and to derive quality aims and measures for the future on the basis of the assessment results. In this self-evaluation process all actors play an active role.

Ensure quality!
A high level of quality must become standard. As part of the BYPAD audits, the participants develop a quality plan which defines the aims of cycling policy for the next years. Regular repetitions of the audit shows the evolution of the cycling policy and at the same time ensures sustainable improvements.

Certify quality!
Responsible policy-making is rewarded. After completion of the BYPAD audit, the town, city or region receives the BYPAD quality label and the BYPAD certificate. Both confirm the active commitment of political decision-makers, administrative bodies and citizens to a modern, high-quality cycling policy.

Compare quality!
BYPAD is a high-quality product!
Therefore, allow only certified BYPAD auditors to conduct the audit. A network of trained and certified auditors has been set up to guide the implementation process . Local and regional authorities will then also benefit from the full range of BYPAD services – from regular information to the ability to exchange and compare experiences with other towns, cities or regions on regional workshops and international seminars

Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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