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  BYPAD was developed by an international consortium of bicycle experts in 1999 as part of an EU project. In the two follow-up projects, BYPAD+ (2003-2005) and BYPAD-Platform (2006-2008), there have been efforts to widen not only the spatial coverage but also the methodology.

In September 2008 the European funded project BYPAD Platform ended and all the related subsidies from the European side but nevertheless the core consortium partners decided to continue with the BYPAD network. Tim Asperges (Timenco), Ursula Lehner Lierz (velo:consult) and Karl Reiter (FGM-AMOR) stayed in the BYPAD team as cycling experts, founders and proponents for the whole BYPAD idea and methodology.
FGM-AMOR acts as international BYPAD contact point and BYPAD secretariat.


Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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